Welcome to my website about my beautiful new Cavachi, for those of you who do not know what a Cavachi is, it is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Chihuahua.

You can obviously get long coated and short coated chihuahuas so I am presuming the Cavachi's will be either long coated or short coated :)

My new addition Kandy's daddy was a long coated Chihuahua and her mummy is a Tri-Colour Cavalier King Charles, she is 16 weeks old on the 25th July 2013 so is still very young and into everything lol

Cavachi's are a pretty new "breed" and yes before people start complaining I know in theory she is just a "mutt" but I love giving her the title of a Cavachi so there! lol I am very interested in finding more people out there with this delightful type of dog! So please if you have one let me know I would love to share our photo's, video's and storys etc of these wonderful little darlings!

Kandy (pictured in the background) lives with my other dog Honey, she is a Blenheim Cavalier, she is still young herself at 18 months old and oh my she has excelled herself in her patience with Kandy, don't get me wrong she certainly puts Kandy in her place if and when needed, but she adores Kandy and is always playing or chasing her or rather Kandy chases Honey lol

Apart from Honey, Kandy has a best friend too, my mums Chihuahua puppy Jojo, Jojo is 5 months old now and loves playing with Kandy, It was rather a shock at first when they play as we have never had 2 puppies at similar ages before and omg do they playfight a lot, it looks and sounds horrendous! But it is all talk and apart from the odd yelp (when jojo pulls Kandys ear or Kandy nips Jojos leg) nothing has ever happened bad, once one of them yelp they both stop and kiss and makeup or go get a drink lol

Mum has another dog Charlie, also a Blenheim Cavalier, bless her Charlie is an old girl and doesnt really appreciate puppy playtimes, so you can often find her hiding or grumbling at the pups lol

I shall add more to this site including videos, stories and Photos but at the moment I just want to get it up and running :)




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